At Nordic Text our goal is to further understanding.

We are a cultural and linguistic bridge between international parties.  By avoiding misgivings and misunderstandings, we aim to make cross-cultural communication as painless and smooth as possible.

Localization is key to producing a translation that transcends text-level to form a bridge between cultures.  So a deep understanding of the target culture is paramount to our operation.  This is why we use linguists with expertise in both the original and target cultures.

A company’s text materials help form that company’s reputation.

This is why at Nordic Text we have your words at heart.  We believe a translation should read like it was written as an original text.  One that carries a clear message and thus enhances the reputation of the company it represents.

Every company has its own distinctive linguistic stamp.  Therefore, high quality translation requires close collaboration with the client.  This means combining company specific terminology with our extensive linguistic knowledge and experience to create a translation that satisfies professionals on both sides.

Nordic Text is also very much about people and we like to think our linguists enjoy working with us.

They are highly educated professionals, dedicated to their careers.  They are specialists in certain fields and keep themselves up to date within these areas, as well as staying abreast of IT developments.  They approach their work with an attitude of perfection and pride, and only undertake assignments they are fully qualified to do.  And, of course, they always meet deadlines.