If your text is for the public eye this is the option for you.  We have put in place a Premium Package with five key stages to transform your text from its original language form into a publishable document.  Based on translation industry best practice, the five key stages are translation, checking, revision, proofreading, and localization.  Three linguists are used to avoid cultural and linguistic errors surviving the process.  One project manager oversees the entire job to ensure your peace of mind.


    Best used for:


    Printed materials


    Marketing literature

    Commercial texts


    Corporate communications


    Short version: 5 stages, 3 linguists, 1 project manager, for published materials, public presentations and marketing materials…


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    For routine business texts, the initial linguist translates the document and runs a quality check. A second linguist then proofreads the translation and compares it with the source text. The translation will be accurate without being localized to a specific market or polished for external publication.


    Best used for:



    Tender requirements

    Working technical documents


    Short version: 2 linguists involved to produce routine business texts – contracts, working technical documents…


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    If you just need to get the gist of a text or it’s for internal use only, we would recommend a first draft from the translator. It may contain minor imperfections, but you’ll get the basic message… and at a fraction of the price of other translation methods.


    Best used for:


    Internal memos

    Emails from customers/providers

    Support mails


    Short version: 1 linguist, 1 draft, for internal documents – may contain minor imperfections but won’t affect transfer of meaning.


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