Human knowledge is extremely diverse and can be divided into a multitude of topics or subject matters. Hence, it follows naturally that translation and localization can be divided into a multitude of such topics too.

Here are some of the main topics or subject matter areas that we cover. The list is not exhaustive, so if you do not find your exact topic on the list, do not hesitate to inquire about it. There is a very good likelihood that our professional translators can handle exactly your topic too.

Here you will find some of the general subject matters that we cover and a few examples of what types of tasks it could be:


An integral part of doing international business is the legal documents that are needed for virtually any transaction…..


Immigration Documents







Plea Agreements


Life is a constant flow of changes and this also means a constant change of the state of our health. Luckily, medical science is working constantly to ensure that we can maintain health. Making all this knowledge globally available requires translation and localization. Here are but a few on the areas where we can help:

Manuals for appliances/apparatus/units

Software guides

User guides

Clinical Trial documents

Patient guides

Patent (Applications)

Reports on surgical interventions

Health statements

Pharmaceutical prescriptions

Medical certificates and reports

Medical examinations

your specific need


Computers, pc’s, tablets, smartphones, ATMs, iPads, iPods, iPhones, etc., etc. have become so ubiquitous that virtually everybody uses them every single day. We are part of ensuring that everyone from young to old can make full use of these aids.



Graphical User Interface (GUI)


User Guides




Mobile applications

your specific need


The World Wide Web, the Internet, the Web, call it what you will, has become an intricate part of business and of virtually any facet of life. We all use web browsers, search engines, the cloud, online stores, etc. when we search for information, buy stuff online, use our web banking system, play online games, communicate via chat programs like Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more, or when we network through networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Xing, Viadeo, etc. and … the list goes on and on and on….


Web portals


Web adds

Online User Interfaces

Well, actually anything on the WWW….

your specific need

Consumer Electronics

We all use them… whether it is a heart rate monitor, a grill fork that shows internal meat temperature, a washing machine, a battery-driven indoor or outdoor weather station, the house alarm system… the list goes on and on and on… We are here to ensure that you can successfully read the manual and program a Taiwanese produced scales, a German power tool, a Norwegian oven, and many, many others in your own language….

DIY tools

Household Appliances

Washing Machines





Weather Stations


Health Monitors

GPS watches

DVD players

BluRay players


your specific need

Engineering/technical translation

A multitude of technological solutions are developed at each moment within a number of areas…. Engineering is often divided into a number of main disciplines or areas, some of the major ones being: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and geological engineering… All of these have several sub-areas….

Process engineering

Structural engineering

Transport engineering

Electronic engineering

Vehicle engineering

Manufacturing engineering

Biological engineering

Biomedical engineering

To mention but a few….. The list could be supplemented with all your specific engineering needs….

Business & Marketing

Do they know that you exist? This is what marketing aims to ensure. We assist you in reaching out to numerous people in various cultures ensuring through localization that your message is fashioned to have the desired effect in both your own as well as other cultures….

Press Releases




Marketing Campaigns

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Google Ad Campaigns

Facebook Advertising

Magazine Marketing Articles

Financial reports

Company reports

Terms & Conditions

your specific need


According to Eurostat there were roughly 190,000,000 million passenger cars in use in the EU member states in 2013 – and more recently Western European car sales rose 14 percent to 1,007,994 in February 2016, according to Automotive News Europe. And this does not include trucks and lorries and other motorised vehicles! The Automotive sector is an important business sector, which we at Nordic Text serve with exact, precise, and timely high-quality localizations to ensure full accessibility to all markets.

Shop Guides


User Guides

Software guides

Navigation Systems

Customer Surveys

All-terrain Vehicles

Snow mobiles

Lawn mowers



your special need