Additional Services

Software Testing

What’s the point of having a premium translation if it doesn’t work with your software? For instance, if the terms on buttons, menus, error messages or other user interface elements are unfamiliar to your target market? Software can also require localization. Nordic Text will take care of this for you. And we will perform online or offline testing to make sure everything fits perfectly before you launch.

Desktop Publishing

The last thing you want to waste time doing is cutting and pasting text from a PDF to a Word document before translation. Let us take care of that for you. Send us the original text in its original format. We are experienced in all forms of Desktop Publishing so that, post-translation, we will return your text in its original format, whether manuals, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, newsletters, books, business cards, web pages, greeting cards, letterheads, packaging, signage…

Translation Memory

We create your own personal Translation Memory (TM) so you don’t have to pay to translate the same sentences the next time you use our services. When you give us your new text, we perform an analysis to calculate how much of the text is actually new and how much we have already translated for you. The cost is then reduced by percentages.

Glossary Creation

Customized glossaries save you time and energy. It rids the linguist of the need to have repeated discussions with the client to arrive at the correct meaning of key terms. It also ensures inconsistent terminology and cultural gaffes don’t appear in future translations. Once a problem is fixed it remains fixed.


We provide specialist subtitling services for all modes of multimedia. We will take the spoken and written text of your multimedia format and translate it through a highly technical and precise process, ensuring your audience can understand the content of every scene in a short time frame.


We record your translated text for radio, television, and film. Voice-over services do not require the precision involved in dubbing or subtitling; however, they still need to follow a time sequence recorded over the multimedia. This requires specialized equipment and a high degree of expertise.


We will transcribe media files (interviews, board meetings, etc.) to a file either in preparation for translation or for your own in-house purposes. You will receive a well-presented proofread text in the format of your choice.

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