About Nordic Text

We are a specialist Scandinavian translation and localization service using mother-tongue linguists with regional expertise. Nordic Text offers a flexible, tailored service with solutions for all your translation and multimedia needs.

The Scandinavian languages have quite of few of their own special letters and characters.  The letters A and Å are the first and the last letter of the “Scandinavian alphabet” and between these letters there is space for any and all words and all communication. Successful translation of your words into highly readable Nordic Text is our pledge. Where others go from A to Z we go from A to Å.

What we do

Specialize in translating into, from, and between Scandinavian languages

Project manage translation assignments between other European languages

Provide various additional services connected to translation, publishing and multimedia production


We are a group of Nordic translators, linguists, graphic designers, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs with a wide range of skills and experience in international fields.

We have integral knowledge of all aspects of the localization, translation, and content creation process through our more than 50 years of combined experience in the field:

1 year as a software tester

1 year as a localization project manager

7 years as an IT engineer

9 years in the import/export industry

12 years running a localization firm

13 years as a translation outsourcer

20 years in content creation, web design and video production

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