Web users stay twice as long on a page if it is in their own language
72 % of internet users prefer to browse using their own native language (inspire more trust)
Potential customers are 4 times more likely to purchase from a site that is translated into their language
Over 70 % of the world speaks a native language other than English
Only 32.8 % of internet users are English-speakers
42 % of online shoppers think twice about buying a product or service without translated information
Who we are…

Nordic Text is a brand new company with fresh ideas and a combined wealth of experience in the translation industry. We offer professional Scandinavian translation services, translating your text into any Nordic language using experienced mother-tongue linguists with regional expertise. We respond directly to customer needs and offer a tailored service with a high degree of flexibility. We want return customers, so we make sure we do things right and aim to build a relationship that lasts.

Bridging cultures…

Oscar Wilde described the UK and US as two nations divided by a common language. And he was on to something; cultural differences cause more divisions than language can repair. We take this point very seriously. Translation is more than transferring words and ideas into the target language. It requires building a bridge between two cultures.

Our Nordic translators’ regional expertise covers the whole of the Scandinavian territory, and the cultures found within it. We weed out any potential cultural gaffes from the source texts and ensure you avoid making a bad impression on business associates and potential clients.

Pay for quality or pay the price…

With the translation of documents you want to publish you either pay for quality or pay the price. That’s why we have put in place a Premium Package comprising an industry-standard professional procedure with five key stages, three professional linguists and a project manager to oversee the entire process. The Premium Package ensures no mistranslations, proofreading errors or cultural gaffes creep into the finished texts.

Three levels of service, three levels of cost…

Our Premium Package will get your translation to a high-grade publishable level. However, if your translation is for in-house purposes where only the gist is important, then save money by using our Basic Package with only one linguist. A happy medium is our Standard Package, which uses two linguists and is perfect for accuracy without being polished for publication.

Becoming a regular customer makes it cheaper, easier, and faster…

It’s always nice when you walk into your local bar or café, and the guy behind the counter knows what you’re drinking. In the same way, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to come back with repeat business at Nordic Text. You can avoid time-consuming negotiations by choosing a monthly subscription. It’s just a matter of a quick phone call or email to get the next job underway.

If you choose to create a Translation Memory (TM) at Nordic Text, you can avoid paying for repeat translations of old sections that appear in new texts. It means the cost of each new translation is calculated only on text that wasn’t previously translated for you by Nordic Text, making it potentially cheaper and faster each time you use our services.

Additional services…

You can avoid the hassle of outsourcing to multiple companies by using our complementary services, including:

Software Testing

Desktop Publishing


Glossary Creation